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Locally Owned Everyday Cafe

64 East Howard Street,
Quincy  (617)479-9800

374 Bridge Street, Rt. 3A,
North Weymouth (781)337-9300

HOURS: Monday-Friday 5am-5pm

Sat: 5am-3pm   

Sunday: 6am-3pm


Everyday Cafe’s


Hot or Iced

Try our newest
Coffee Flavors!

Vanilla Cupcake, Blueberry       

Pistachio Ice Cream
Hot Cross Buns
Maple Walnut, French Roast, 
Mocha Mint, Hazelnut, 
Cinnamon Hazelnut

Swiss Chocolate Almond

Irish Creme

French Vanilla


Banana Nut

Toasted Almond

Coconut Cream

White Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Raspberry

Rainforest Crunch

Decaf Hazelnut

Brownie Toffee Crunch

Maple Cinnamon French Toast
Strawberry Shortcake
Honey Almond Crunch

Coffee of the Month… Ask us!


We are often asked if we use syrups to flavor our coffee and the answer is "No!” Yes, it's more expensive to serve flavored beans, but honestly, it's just a better tasting product. Every pot of coffee that is brewed at The Everyday Cafe is made from freshly ground beans.  Flavored beans...because we love you and you are worth it!

The Everyday Cafe is not fast food...

it's Fresh Food Fast!

Call in your order for easy pickup!

We are all busy....busy with jobs, kids, errands and life in general. The Everyday Cafe  helps you by offering many fresh food options you will love! Just because you are busy, doesn't mean you have to eat unhealthy food. Give us a try, you will be glad you did!


Everyday Cafe
64 Howard Street, Quincy
374 Bridge Street,  North Weymouth

Thank you for supporting our local  business!